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Meet the Couple

  • Engagement Session
  • The Wedding
  • Happy Times!

    Elements of Our Wedding:
  • Our Traditions
  • Our Rings

  • Time and Place
  • Directions
  • Accommodations

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    The following pages describe how I made our wedding rings in great detail. The reasons I did all this documentation are as follows:

  • To remember
  • I wanted to remember how much work went into making these rings, and how I made them so I can learn from the mistakes I made and make more jewelry in the future.

  • To teach
  • I detailed everything that I did, including the theory behind relevant steps, so that anyone who reads the story will learn a bit of materials science, metalworking technique, vocabulary and scientific concepts necessary to succeed in a project such as this.

  • To instruct
  • I hope that reading about my successes and mistakes will be instructive to anyone attempting a mokume project of their own. The most daunting thing about this to me was not knowing how to bridge gaps between steps, so I did my best to leave none.

  • To inspire
  • I also hope that seeing a project like this from start to finish will convince more people that while this isn't easy, making mokume jewelry may not be as hard as it looks. It takes patience, hard work and planning for it to happen, but it is (hopefully) within the reach of anyone willing to put in the time and effort.

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