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    Elements of Our Wedding:
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  • Our Rings

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    Marina and Michael's wedding rings were designed by Michael, and built by him at MIT, at the Mass. College of Art, and at home.

    The rings are made of mokume gane, a Japanese technique of bonding different metals together by diffusion to create one continuous piece of metal with different colors and patterns. This design was chosen to symbolize Marina and Michael's relationship to each other. Like the rings, it has many layers that penetrate to the core. While the two rings may appear different, they are made of the same materials, just as Marina and Michael may look very different yet they share the same morals and values. Because the layers penetrate to the core, as the layers wear down over the years the patterns will slowly change, as Michael and Marina will change together over their years of marriage. And finally, should a ring become scratched, the blemish can be polished out while still retaining the uniqueness of the patterns, just as Marina and Michael will remain who they are no matter what hardships they will face together.

    Well, enough with the sentimentality. Onward with the design!

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